Advent Park

We were going to stay longer but our house has just been rented. We decided to go back and tidy up the garden. (We have large trees outside the front that drop leaves all the time.) We stayed in “Advent Park”. Advent Park is very old and is run by the Seven Day Eventist. We were told there was no drinking or smoking outside your van at anytime. What we do inside was out concern. (Good to know.) The Park is quite large and at Easter they have a large rally with up to 10,000 people. We stayed a week and while we were there, there were no more than 20 vans. I guess the no drinking rule may have something to do with it. For us it was very central for what we needed and one of the cheapest in Perth.



We had a little heat wave and let me tell you it can be really hot living in a tin can. The poor aircon couldn’t cope and our fridge had a little melt down. We put some temperature gages into it and received the reading of 15 degrees. The freezer came in at 3 degrees. We talked to other campers and most of them had placed fans into the fridge vents as well as having a shade cloth shelter for the side of the van housing the fridge.




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