Daintree Rainforest Van Park

It started to rain about mid morning. We had seen it coming for a while with the clouds forming on the top of the mountains. It made it a lovely view what we could see though the mist and rain.  It did make it an interesting drive as the road took us over hill and dale. Continue reading “Daintree Rainforest Van Park”

Endeavour River Eco Park, Cooktown

We had been told Cooktown was a very RV friendly town, but we were surprised with how unfriendly it was. Don’t get me wrong the people were lovely, it was other things that got my back up. In all the information we had read it said there was a bush camp right in the middle of the town, great we thought. No, there were so many restrictions on the campground it made it almost impossible for anyone to stay there. We thought we might just be able to pass the rules so went to have a look at the sight. Continue reading “Endeavour River Eco Park, Cooktown”

Archer Point

We were heading up to Cooktown, which would be as far up north as we were going to go. We could have continued further up but we had heard conflicting reports about the road conditions so we decided to give it a miss this time. We have been told that by the end of 2020 the roads to the top of Australia would all be bitumen. We can always come back and do it then. A lot of people have complained to us as we have been traveling that having the road bitumen will take the fun out of the trip and there will be no adventure left in the journey. For me I like traveling on the good old black tar. Continue reading “Archer Point”

Rocky Creek Memorial Park

On another day we went to the Tolga Railway Museum. The building was the old railway station so quite small but it was packed with the usual stuff but also with items I had never seen before. It is fun to have a look at an item then try and figure out what it is before reading the information on it. Continue reading “Rocky Creek Memorial Park”