From one showground to another. Our next stop was at the Maclean Showgrounds. It is a lot smaller than the Mullimbimby ground. To start with I thought it was a lovely location. The park was set beside the river. There was a lovely view of a bridge with ducks swimming around. Nice.   Unfortunately there was also lots of sugarcane trucks crossing the bridge, 24/7. Rattling every wooden plank of the bridge as they past. To start with I wasn’t happy about staying because of the noise. Adrian told me I wouldn’t notice it after a while. I think I stopped hearing the trucks about 3 am then I heard them again about 5am. Continue reading “Maclean”

Mullimbimby, Byron Bay

Mullimbimby Showgrounds

There are not many bush camps along the coast so the next best thing is Showgrounds. Although the Mullimbimby showground was old and a little rundown it offered a lovely view of the surrounding hills and everything was well look after.  We spent a day walking around the town and ended up at the local RSL for dinner.  I am fond of small country town, they just have a friendly feel to them and Mullimbimby was one of those towns. Continue reading “Mullimbimby, Byron Bay”

Border, Cunnamulla

Next morning we said goodbye to everyone who sat around our campfire and headed out on that fantastic road again. It wasn’t long before we started to notice the changing of the countryside. While Bourke was mostly green the land past Bourke quickly turned dry. At about the same time we started to notice the side of the road was filled with the dead bodies of kangaroos and the odd emu. We had never seen so many along one road before. Early in the morning they come to the road to drink the condensation. Continue reading “Border, Cunnamulla”

Back O’Bourke Exhibition Centre

We had heard good things about the Back O’Bourke Exhibition Centre as it shows the legends of the backcountry but for us it wasn’t anything special. In every room there was an audio of some type and the walls were filled with information. There was very little else to look at so everyone stood in the same spot reading while the audio played loudly in the background. Continue reading “Back O’Bourke Exhibition Centre”

Mulga Creek Pub.

We pulled it for a break at Mulga Creek Pub. Just for something different there were parking meters out the front, right in the best parking spots. Yes I was a little surprised until I read the sign. All money raised from the meters goes to the Royal Flying Doctors. What a fun way to raise money. You don’t mind paying for parking when it is going to such a good cause. Continue reading “Mulga Creek Pub.”