Border, Kulera

We stopped over night at the border. There are two stops at the border. One nicely done with toilets and information boards, but at the end of the day it was a car park with very little room from one van to the next. The second across the road is a bush camp with nothing but dirt. We chose the second site as it was off the road and behind trees. We were hoping the trees would buffer the noise from the busy highway. Continue reading “Border, Kulera”

Hutchison Memorial

As we wanted to arrive into Coober Pedy early we stopped at Hutchison Memorial camp. The camp is only 12 k out of the town. Like so many bush camps there was nothing there. We stopped at one of the few trees for the site, hoping for a little shade. Although we saw other vans off into the distance it was like we were alone. Continue reading “Hutchison Memorial”

Lake Hart Lookout

We ended up stopping at Lake Hart Lookout. It is more than a lookout; although it is well were the stop for a look. Lake Hart Lookout offers a bush camp as well. It is in two parts both being quite large. The top part was flat and for everyone. The bottom part was for 4WD. We took the 4WD path as the top part was already half full and it let us get away from the road noise.   Continue reading “Lake Hart Lookout”

Wilpena Pounds

There are so many walks in the Flinders Ranges, some of them are short but other can take days. We only walked the short ones. On one walk along a riverbed we saw several dead goats. It was interesting as they were all in a similar area and the bodies look like there had been there awhile. We counted 15 and debated what would have happened to them. We didn’t really come up with any idea. Continue reading “Wilpena Pounds”