Barkly Highway

We had looked into traveling on the Savannah Way (it runs closer to the coast.) We would have picked up the road from Mataranka but basically it is a 4WD track being mostly gravel. When it has been graded and with good weather we were told it was a lovely drive. We had had some wet weather and we weren’t sure when it was last graded so we gave it a miss. Continue reading “Barkly Highway”

The Pebbles, (again)

We pulled in late in the afternoon and set up. As it was our second time at the Pebbles we didn’t bother going for a walk. Straight away I put up the aerial.   Last time at the Pebbles we could get TV. This time, nothing. Noooooo. Adrian heard me cry out. “Ok don’t worry I will fix it.’ Happy smiles from me. Adrian borrowed a ladder from one of the other vanners so he could check the aerial and everything seemed fine. Smile gone again. New TV? No not yet. Adrian also checked all the wires and the plug. The plug for the booster was loose. Smile back on my face. TV. We don’t often get TV so when we do I enjoy it. Yes I know there is nothing good on TV to watch anyway but that is beside the point. Continue reading “The Pebbles, (again)”

Longreach Water Hole, (Again)

We stopped at Longreach water hole again. This time we turned right instead of left when we hit the water. Good choice. There are fewer trees along the way so this time there was no damage to the van. Most of the pelicans seemed to have gone. Only about 30 to 50 had stayed, nothing like the 300 to 500 that were here for our first visit. They didn’t seem to fish the same way either. Instead they seem to want to steal the fish from the other birds. It was fun to watch the pelicans chase after a bird that as just caught a fish. Often the bird would duck dive and get away. Continue reading “Longreach Water Hole, (Again)”

Bitter Springs, Mataranka

“You will never, never know, if you never, never go.” It was a catch phrase from an old add campaign for Northern Territory. I now know what NT is like. The catch phrase comes from the story by Jeannie Gunn. She wrote “We of the Never, Never” which is about her arrival into the area of Mataranka. The book was published in 1907. Continue reading “Bitter Springs, Mataranka”

King River Stop

We headed back down the Stuart Highway retracing our steps. We spent a night at The Phoenix Rest stop, did some shopping in Katherine and then stopped for the night back at King River Rest area. This time King River wasn’t as busy as before. We took a walk around the stop. There was a guy feeding the birds. Not a good idea, you know those thing wake you up at an unforgiving time in the morning. Continue reading “King River Stop”

Umbrawarra Gorge

The road into Umbrawarra Gorge was very bad with corrugations. I turned to Adrian and told him this better be worth it. The campground was small with lots of trees and fire pits. We pulled into an area in the corner with lots of room and started to set up camp. Adrian and I talked about staying more than one night, I know I had not wish to travel the road anytime soon. Continue reading “Umbrawarra Gorge”