Our next stop was going to be Mackay. On the way we encountered a wide load. It took up so much of the road it needed a police escort and on coming traffic had to stop and make room for it. We were stuck behind it for ages. It wasn’t a problem for us as we were both traveling at much the same speed but we would get people trying to pass us only then to be stuck. The escort would let people pass when it was clear to do so. We would be pushed down the line with people coming in front of us then we would make it to the front only to be pushed down the line again. We eventually got in front of it.

We picked up some pamphlets from the tourist information centre in Mackay. The town has some outstanding Art Deco buildings and they offer a self-walking tour of the buildings. Although the town was settled in the 1860s most of the construction of the buildings took part between the 20s and 40s. This was when the art deco style was popular. The style is loosely based on the elements of the sun, hence that is why there is a lot of orange and sunbeams style of items. It hailed the bringing in of a new age. The style reflected a large part of life, shaping not only buildings but also furniture and other household items. The buildings were impressive.

Between you and me, Art Deco architecture is the only style I can pick out. Everything else looks much the same to me. Ok some buildings in Mackay seem more grander than others, like the old Bank building. Which is a remarkable example of Classical Revival architecture.   When it was built in 1923 it was reported to be the “handsomest building in Mackay.” Not only because of its colonnaded façade but also inside it included a beautiful cedar counter ornamented with carved wooden columns, rope, flowers and fruit. It was built at a cost of £15,300. (Yes I did read the information board on that one.) They don’t make buildings like that anymore.

mackay 5

We took a walk around the Botanic Gardens. They are set over a massive 51 hectares. The garden sits on both sides of the Pioneer River and has been planned to enhance the natural features of the region. No we didn’t walk all of it, just the main areas.

They were filled with wonders.

We always seem to miss the flowers so it was nice to see them dotted around the gardens.

There was still quite a lot to look at even though the gardens had been affected by cyclone Debbie as well.

mackay 18

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