Mulga Creek Pub.

We pulled it for a break at Mulga Creek Pub. Just for something different there were parking meters out the front, right in the best parking spots. Yes I was a little surprised until I read the sign. All money raised from the meters goes to the Royal Flying Doctors. What a fun way to raise money. You don’t mind paying for parking when it is going to such a good cause. Continue reading “Mulga Creek Pub.”


The next day we said goodbye and set off again. We stayed at the local van park in Nyngan. It was $20 for power and water and the washing machines were only $2 a load. Great, normally we are paying between $4 and $5. We pulled in to find a note on the admin door telling new arrivals to pick a spot and the owner would be back after 4 and to pay then. We did that and made a B-line to the washing machine. We put our first load on and went to have lunch. When we made it back to the washing machine someone had taken ours out and dumped it. Not happy. By the end of the day we had finished all our washing. When it was dry we discovered 2 different socks were missing. Really not happy now. Continue reading “Nyngan”

Trangie, Bob Christianson reserve.

We started to drive though cotton country. Our first clue to this was what looked like snow along the side of the roads. Then when it clicked to us we were in cotton country the cotton balls started to appear in the paddocks. There were so many of them. Continue reading “Trangie, Bob Christianson reserve.”

Dubbo Zoo

We weren’t going to go to the zoo. It was $47 per person it was on the borderline to what we would like to spend.

One of the local shop’s staff members told us we could go to the Zoo and have coffee in the café. Some of the monkeys are on an island that sits out the front of the café. We thought we could do that and get an idea of the zoo. Continue reading “Dubbo Zoo”

Dubbo Jail

One of the main tourist attractions to see while at Dubbo is the jail. It opened in 1874 and closed in 1966. Then opened to visitors in 1974, and is now on the state heritage list. The town has grown around the jail making it seem like it is right in the middle of the town. The overall area is small but interesting, as it has interactive holograms characters and animatronics. Continue reading “Dubbo Jail”

Dubbo, Part 1

Dubbo has a bush camp run by a member of the caravan club we are in. We stayed at one in the Hunter Valley, Pokolbin Cabins. Very nice. The camp is where a member of the CMCA club opens their land up to other members to use. The site also offered fresh water and our first job was to fill up our tanks. We had stopped filling our drinking tank, which is 80L. Our stops are a lot closer now so we didn’t need to carry the extra water. Spending 5 nights at Bogan Weir, we arrived at Dubbo with only 4L in total left. Continue reading “Dubbo, Part 1”

Bogan Weir, Peak Hill

We decided to camp at Bogan Weir as it is only 7ks out of Peak Hill. There was a shade shelter and BBQ at the campsite. While it is nice to be in the middle of a town it is also nice to be out of it. There was only one other van there when we pulled in but by night our number had doubled. The camp is a massive area so we got to pick our spot. We were spread out but as we walked around we got to know out neighbours. Continue reading “Bogan Weir, Peak Hill”