Tamborine National Park, Tamborine

We stopped off at Tamborine National Park for a quick look. We made our way to Cedar Creek. We had read the information on the park and it promised fascinating plants and animals with one of the animals being koalas. We have yet to see one in the wild so I was hoping to as we headed off for our walk down to the waterfalls. I kept an eye on the trees scanning for koalas all the way but nothing, only two birds. Continue reading “Tamborine National Park, Tamborine”


MSO Loganville

Our next stop was going to be about 35ks out of Brisbane at another MSO. I had to take a photo of the bridge we had to cross to get there. To me it looked like it was out of a movie about earthquakes. I have seen movies where the force rising out of the ground twisting the road with it’s power. Of course there are always cars on the road and they plunge down into the abyss the earthquake has just created never to be seen again. We were going to be driving over the bridge with our van in tow. I have been in several earthquakes and they have only been little shakes but they were still frightening. I mentioned my thoughts to Adrian and he just ignored me, so much for loving support. Not that I was frightened I just thought it was interesting the way the bridge looked and it made me think of earthquakes and movies. Continue reading “Brisbane”

Ninderry, Eumundi

Bob and Marilyn’s Place, Ninderry

When you are on the road you meet some amazing people. We were lucky enough to meet up with Bob and Marilyn at Camooweal just after we had crossed from the Northern Territory into Queensland. Some people you just click with and I would like to think we clicked with Bob and Marilyn. Continue reading “Ninderry, Eumundi”

Doon Villa Van Park, Maryborough.

This RV stop was at a local soccer field just outside of the township. The field was set up with a veggie patch where people could help care for the plants and be rewarded with some produce. I did my bit and watered the plants one day but there wasn’t anything there that I could harvest. I have tried to grow some herbs in the van but I seem to have 10 brown fingers, in my defence Adrian ran the car over the plants once when I had them outside for some fresh air. Secondly, I left them out over night when we were at Porcupine Gorge and woke up to find then all eaten by a local overnight. Continue reading “Doon Villa Van Park, Maryborough.”