Eagan Gully Rock

It did cross our minds to stay the night at the homestead as it still offers accommodation to visitors (but now you have to bring your own.) It was going to cost $10 a night for power and water. Not bad. The caretaker started talking about Eagan Gully Rock bush camp. He gave us direction and off we went.

Eagan Gully Rock was amazing (I need to get a new catchphrase. Maybe astonishing, remarkable, incredible or marvelous. You get the picture.)

The bush camp sat beside a salt lake and rocks. Very scenic. What really surprised us was in the middle of nowhere we could still get phone reception.

We took a walk over Eagan rock and then onto the lake. The lake seemed to stretch on for miles. As we walked the salt cracked under our feet with each step. I found the salt lake fascinating. The crystals were paper-thin, some would break as I picked them up others would stay in one piece. I guess they are a little like snow flakes each being different. Our tour guide at the homestead had told us, people would hold races across the salt. It must have been a lot of fun. We had an incredible sunset.

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