Erica’s Camp

We stopped at a rest area Erica’s Camp; you could drive further back from the road for more privacy. A 5th wheeler had already set up for the night. They knocked on our door to invite us for drinks. When we arrived at about 5pm she wanted to show us around the 5th wheeler but before she could another couple arrived. We sat and talked for a while before she invited us inside again. It was large compare to our caravan. She pointed out their TV and all the cupboard space she had as well as the push outs. There was a spare bedroom with its own semi ensuite, she had turned the spare room into her sewing room. After we ooed and arred over it, then it was the next couples turn. The other couple had a small pop-top trailer van, it would have fitted into the lounge room with room to spare. It was a nice evening. We heard about people in van parks at Cooper Pedy having things stolen from their vans. It had been a big concern for us when we parked along the dry river but by the sound of it, the dry riverbed had been the best place to be.


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