Tennant Creek

We stopped at Tennant Creek to restock the pantry. There was a display of Leonardo Da Vinci work. Fascinating. We were the only ones looking so we could take our time. It surprised me that Tennant Creek was the only town in Northern Territory to show the exhibition and I didn’t hear about it being shown anywhere else. I never know how many of the items we use today are based on his work. I think most people would know about the parachute and the flying machine but Leonardo is also given credit for the bicycle, lifebuoy, robots and heaps more.

After the Exhibition and shopping Adrian was a bit disappointed to find the local bottle shop didn’t open until 2pm. That was still 2 hours away. Do we wait around or continue on. We chose to continue on. Not that it was far. We were going about 10 k down the road to The Pebbles bush camp.

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