Magnetic Termites, Litchfield

There are many termite hills it top part of Australian. Litchfield had magnetic termites. Why are they called that? The mounds all align to a north – south axis. The ants have a big problem with the heat of the top end. Scientists believe the ants build the mounds to solve that problem. Because of the wet season the ants need to live above ground, it also helps with ventilation. The alignment of the mound lets the sun balance the internal temperature by having one side in the shade. Smart little fellars, the termites that live in the magnetic mounds are found nowhere else on earth.

Once upon a time you could walk though the field of termite hills but now days it is all fenced off. The mounds can get to some massive heights but they didn’t do much for me. What surprised me was how many people were at the mounds taking photos; of course I did the same. There is a large mound that has been set up for everyone to take photos off. Nice touch. lich-ant-2

I had noticed when we first set up camp the ants nests in the trees. I had been warned about them and although I had kept an eye out for them Litchfield was the first place I had seen any. You never park you van under the tree, as they will drop onto the van and the next thing you now they are having breakfast with you or worse.

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