Maguk Falls, Kakadu

We had been told that most of the waterfalls in Kakadu had stopped running being so late in the season. One, which was still flowing, was Maguk. The drive to the fall, gave us a hint on what the fall would be like. The road was dry and dusty and the wild grass along the side of the road looked dead. kak-mag-16

As we turned off the main road we noticed someone had put some eyes on an old burnt out tree trunk. Freaky. It made us both laugh. Just imagine what someone would have though if they had turned off the road at night. kak-mag-14

From the car park it was only a quick 2 km return walk though monsoon rainforest and paperbark swamp. Sounded good and it was fun. For some of the way there was a walkway but once we hit the water it turned into a bit of rock hopping, not that the water was deep. We saw lots of fish in the water; the walk to the falls was more interesting than the falls.


There is a saying “Kakadu, Kaka don’t” as most people think it is a waste of time and money to go to the park. Would I go back to Kakadu? We arrived at the beginning of August. If you are thinking of traveling at the same time I would say Kaka don’t. We had been told that it had been a dry wet season and it showed. The waterfalls had almost stopped running and most of the rivers were dry along with the countryside. After paying $40 each to enter the park I feel a little ripped off. If you are thinking of going I would probably go at the start of the dry season when there is more water and wetlands to look at. I did enjoy the rock art and the river cruises and the bird life was amazing but for me I would go to Litchfield before Kakadu. At the end of the day Litchfield had a nicer feel to it for me.

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