Leichart Falls

Like a lot of bush camps you need to know where you are going to find it. We drove past the road we should have taken. Something we have done several times before. Some times we have decided to keep going to the next stop at it is too hard to turn the van around. This time we found a spot with plenty of room to turn. We made our way back hoping the road I saw was the right one.


I don’t know anything about rocks but to me it look like the ground made it’s way from the centre of the earth, boiling and steaming to then slowly cool as it rolled across the land. The bubbles from the boiling earth still dotted the ground. Kangaroos and birds fled from us as we walked along. The bush camp had a haunting feel to it.

The falls weren’t flowing and from where we stood it looked like an ocean would have to rain for there to be enough water for the falls to flow. I felt like we were standing on the ground of another planet. Even with the roughness of the ground there were pockets where the water had rolled rocks smooth. For me it was one of those moments where I stopped in surprised. The smooth stones seemed out of place in the roughness of the land.

We climbed down to the river to sit where the fall would have been flowing.

What surprised me was the ground looked real dry yet there were little puddles of water filled with tadpoles and bugs that zipped across the top of the water.

We could see other vans off in the distance but it was like we were alone. It was still very warm so we sat behind the van, as it was the only place that offered any shade. Adrian cooked our Australian Emblem sausages we had purchased in Burketown (Kangaroo and Emu.) They were so big Adrian cut them in half to cook. (Why do butchers make sausages so fat that they don’t cook?) They were nice but nothing to write home about.

As we were driving away the next day I stopped a photos of the Burke Shire town sign. Now I have proved I have been to the back of Burke. (For all who are not familiar with the saying “The back of Burke” It means, “It is a long way from anything.” Footnote I look the saying up and found it was the wrong Burke. The real Bourke is a town in NSW. So disappointed to find out I have yet to be at the back of Bourke.


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