5k from Ravenshoe

We looked at camping in a bush camp about 5 k out of Ravenshoe but when we arrived the access which takes you down to the river had been closed. There was someone with a car down in the clearing so thinking there may be another way in we went to have a look at the river and to see if there was a way we could bring the van in.

The river was lovely. A little set of rapids filled the air with its bubbling song. So nice.

Adrian talked to the man who had camped with just his car, he asking him how he accessed the spot. The man told Adrian he ‘had been come to the same spot for the last 30 years and no one was going to stop him coming now.’ He had moved the barrier and put it back.   We could have done the same or stayed in the car park area as other were doing. (There were some lovely trees and grassy spots.) We decided to move on as the car park area was close to the main road and there wasn’t that much room for our van beside the river.





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