Stockton Beach

On another day my nephew and his wife took us for a drive down to Newcastle. Newcastle is the second most populated area in New South Wales. The town was settled in 1797 by Lieutenant John Shortland. John was out hunting some convicts who had stolen a boat. The convicts had planed to sail to Sydney Cove (I don’t know if they ever made it.) He described the area as “a very fine river.” Coal was discovered sometime after and the rest is history.

We then drove down to Stockton Beach. We let down the tyres before driving on to the beach. The drive along the beach is about 20 k. It surprised me how many people were around. I know it shouldn’t have, after all we have some of the best beaches in the world, why wouldn’t people come to play on the fantastic beach.

There were groups doing sand surfing and other groups driving quad bikes and other groups just being at the beach for the day.

My nephew loves riding his motorbike and the Stockton beach is one of the places he likes to ride. He pointed out how dangerous it can be with the sand dunes. Sometimes you just can’t see if the sand is going down or up until it is too late.

We have spent most of our time traveling inland and so it was lovely to get back to the beach.

My nephew hadn’t finished with us and on another day he took us to the Hunter Gardens to take a shot at water golf. Him being young and fit made it look easy. Alas for me, well lets just say everyone was a lot safer when I stopped playing. Adrian tried several times but for some reason he just couldn’t get the swing thing happening.

My nephew likes water golf as he can win really great stuff. This day was no exception. He won a free meal at the local pub. He also won a jump on jump off tour round Hunter Valley, as he didn’t think we would use it he traded it in for another dinner at the local pub and gave both of them to me. Nice. We had a walk around the Hunter Gardens shopping area and then decided to go get some lunch. We went along to the local pub to find out they stopped serving lunch at 3. It was 5 past so no lunch.


After many visits to the different medical people there was some improvement. Each one helped just a little. Adrian was walking but not for long. He was trying to reduce the painkillers. We ended up at a specialist. He suggested a needle in Adrian’s back. We had high hopes for it but alas it wasn’t the magical cure so it was off to have a MIR with the results reveling Adrian will have to have an operation on his back.

While all this was going on we put plans to go to England but they were put on hold. Adrian’s daughter was about to be married so the holiday wasn’t something we could just move to a later date. On a good day we were going then on a bad day we weren’t. We had planed to book the trip when we were in Mission Beach but we all know what happened there. The decision was made just 2 week before we were due to fly out. We were going.

As we know what was wrong with Adrian’s back and what we would have to do to fix it we could stop all the medical visits. This left us with two week to wait with noting to do, we decided to jump back into the van and give my brother some rest from us and head into the Hunter Valley.

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