Leasowe Castle

Being inspired by Warwick Castle Adrian booked Leasowe Castle for the next 3 days. I was expecting something a little like Warwick. I was right it was only a little like Warwick and then you had to use your imagination but that is not the point. The point was we were staying in a Castle and it had a gatehouse. I was happy with that. Forget Warwick, Leasowe Castle had its own charm.

When they started to build Leasowe Castle (1593) it was know as ‘New Hall’ and it was pretty basic to start with. There is an idea that the bottom of the building was used as a stable and as we walked our way thought the ground floor the idea seemed to fit. Most of the rooms had very low ceilings and seemed to be all over the place. Although I will admit the entrance with its sweeping staircase does look impressive along with the banquet room.

The New Hall was built as a holiday home as it was mainly used (by the owner who was the second heir to the English throne,) for sporting activities like hawking and a viewpoint for horse racing.

Over its history the castle’s owners enhanced it by adding extra towers, wings and the turrets along with outer building. By the 17th century it fell out of favor and as the castle started to crumble with time it was dubbed ‘Mock beggar Hall.’ It wasn’t until 1891 the name changed to what it is now. At one time the castle accommodated German prisoners then later retired railway workers.

One of the owners, Sir Edward Cust tried to turn the hall into a hotel when he inherited it in 1826 but it was unsuccessful. It wasn’t until 1982 after the building was restored it started to become successful as a hotel. The name was changed at this time. Good thing too as I don’t think I would have liked staying in a place call “Mock Beggar Hall”. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘Leasowe Castle’ (with a gatehouse.)

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