The weather stayed around and the next morning I woke up to a morning of fog. Not seeing where you are going didn’t seem to bother the trainer. I could hear the pounding hoofs before I could see the horse. Chasing the sun as we have been doing we haven’t had a fog since we were in Perth over a year ago.

We took a trip out to the Wakka Power House. The Power House used to supply power to the local surrounding towns, now the grounds offer a lovely park area. Being school holidays it was packed.

We took to the walking track around the pond. About halfway around we came across 2 men sailing small sailboats. We stood and watched for a while.

The walk wasn’t very long only about 2k. It was decorated with the wonders of nature. Little birds jumped in front of us and then jumped away just as quickly. Flowers lined the path and ducks took command of the waters. No wonder a garden setting has been set up for anyone to enjoy the serenity.

phouse 11If you are not the walking type then there is always the local miniature train. We saw the turntable first and wasn’t sure what it was until we saw the train coming. Several trains operate at once. I love the fun of parks. I was almost tempted to go for a train ride myself but I think you needed children for that.

The only thing that disappointed me about the park was the Power House had long been closed. I would have liked to have a look inside. To my mind it would make a great museum but not seeing inside maybe there was too much work to do to get it up to scratch. Pity.

The showground was very busy. Not only does it open it’s doors to us vaners it is very popular for training horses for the trots and also for greyhounds. We would often see horses being trained. Not being a trots or greyhound person it was interesting for me to watch them work.

I did think the horses would be a little bit bigger though.  Once a week we saw the ponies come out. It was a surprise the first time I saw them. I guess the children work their way up to the bigger ones.

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