Trangie, Bob Christianson reserve.

We started to drive though cotton country. Our first clue to this was what looked like snow along the side of the roads. Then when it clicked to us we were in cotton country the cotton balls started to appear in the paddocks. There were so many of them.


We stopped at Trangie rest stop for a break. They have a massive big billy in the park and an information sign in the design of a Cobb and Co coach. Nice touch.

We didn’t go into the town but the town boasts of the ‘Best sausages in the west.’ Trangie is quite the historical town. In 1881 EF Body took up ‘Bundemar’ and developed the Merino stud. At the same time the decision to extend the railway from Dubbo to Nyngan was made, putting Trangie on the map. Bushrangers would often take a break at Knyvett’s Lookout as it offers view for miles.   Trangie also boasts of a non-gold, gold rush. The story goes that a gold nugget was found in the area. People arrived in droves only to go away empty handed. Another part of the story is that during the war anyone mining was exempt form enlisting as the metals mined was required for the war. There were a lot of miners at this time of the town’s history. Two burial trees were found on a local property and are now housed with the Australian Museum. The burial trees are quite rare. The carved trees are burial grounds markers or marked where ceremonies were held depending on the markings.

bob 12

We decided to stop just out of Trangie at a place called Bob Christianson reserve. On our way there we had to stop for cattle crossing the road. It had been a while since we had to stop for a walking steak.

bob 5

Bob Christianson reserve is one of those bush camp were there is nothing there but a nice spot. The area was filled with lovely sunflower. They were getting a bit on the old side but they still brought a lot of colour to the area. We took a walked and as we go to the river a rainbow appeared. Of Couse I took a photo but nothing came out when I down loaded the photos. Dam. I had to really adjust the shot just to see the rainbow.

We were really surprise to meet up with the couple we had met at Bogan weir. It is always nice to catch up with people you have met before and find out what they have been up to.

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