St Lawrence Campground

We didn’t stay long in Mackay and headed off to St Lawrence bush camp. The camp backs on to the St Lawrence wetlands. The information sign informed us there were over 55 waterbird species, (some of then uncommon) have been recorded on the wetlands with many of them breeding in the area in the wet season. The area is also a catchment housing a fish nursery.

We took advantage of a walkway that went past the camp to take a look at what all the fuss was about. The water birds were everywhere. A viewing platform had been set up so you could just sit back and watch the world or the birds go by. We are not really bird people but we sat there for about an hour just watching.

The next day we walked into the town.

stil 10

We walked past the closed police station.

Past the church (which is up for sale) and down along the wide deserted streets to the general store.

Across from the general store is the train station. We were surprised to see it was still running.

On our way back to the van we passed the bowling green. What caught my eye were some lovely yellow birds. I think they were Yellow-bellied Sunbirds but they could have been honeyeaters. They were darting around the flowers and didn’t seem to be too concerned about us. It was interesting to watch them. Did I say I was not a bird person? Mmmm maybe I am.

The camp was lovely and we stayed an extra day where we just vegged out. We don’t seem to do that very often.

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