Tamborine National Park, Tamborine

We stopped off at Tamborine National Park for a quick look. We made our way to Cedar Creek. We had read the information on the park and it promised fascinating plants and animals with one of the animals being koalas. We have yet to see one in the wild so I was hoping to as we headed off for our walk down to the waterfalls. I kept an eye on the trees scanning for koalas all the way but nothing, only two birds.

An interesting thing about the park is they lock the gates at night. I don’t think I have ever come across a park in the middle of nowhere that is locked at night before.


Being off the beaten track somewhat, we didn’t see anyone until we arrived at the waterfall. There was a group of teenagers playing in the water or taking selfies. Us old people just looked at the falls and said, “wow, it’s amusing.”

It seemed the young ones didn’t read the sign as they were all climbing up the side of the cliff to jump into the bottom pool of the waterfall. I can only remember what it was like to have so much energy.

The Tamborine town was a little like Montville as it was set up for the tourists. We started by grabbing some lunch at the St Bernard’s Hotel. Yes they did have two St Bernard’s who greeted us at the front door. The lunch was ok but the view was breathtaking.

Not far from where we had lunch on the side of the hill is where they do paragliding. We stopped to take a look at the view. I could understand why they chose the spot as it was amazing but I can’t understand why anyone would want to jump off solid ground and call it fun.

Like I said the town was set up for the tourists, there was even another clock shop filled with Grandfather clocks and wooden toys. Sometime it is good for the bank account to live in a caravan. I don’t have the room to keep adding things.

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