The Age of Dinosaurs, Winton

The Age of Dinosaurs in about 25 ks out of Winton. The road takes you to the top of a ‘Jump-Up.’ I had never heard of the expression ‘Jump-Up’ in terms of a hill before. We were informed the road up the hill was unsuitable for vans and it was recommended caravans be unhitched and left at the bottom of the hill. As we weren’t taking our van with us we didn’t think about it until we got there. The road up to the Jump-up was steep and windy. Rain had carved grooves into the road making it a bumpy ride. I wouldn’t have liked to take our van on it but when we got to the top there were vans there. (There is always someone one who thinks the rules don’t apply to him.) Continue reading “The Age of Dinosaurs, Winton”