Leaving Perth

We left Perth on 7th March. Our idea is to travel Australia for an extended period of time. No set place to go and all the time to get there.

Although we left Perth on the 7th we had been on the road for 2 months. We traveled thought Western Australia first. Although we purchased the van in the late of 2014, because of work commitments we had only used it for the odd week here and there. We decided to have a quick look round WA first, make sure we were happy with everything on the van before heading off on the big lap.


Our first stop was outside of Albany called “Cozy Corner East.” (There is a Cozy Corner West but there is no camping allowed.) It is a cozy little corner, only about 600 meters of gravel road. There is a mixture of area for tents another area for small campervans and another area for the caravans and larger campervans. You can stay up to 7 days free. Why we were there we help an American couple that had gotten bogged in a campervan. He was a little embarrassed. He told me he knew what to do in snow but not sand. I didn’t laugh and state the obvious.


We took a day trip to “Shelly Beach,” while we were there a hang glider took flight from the cliff surrounding the bay. I watched in awe as he sailed above us. It wasn’t until latter that we found out Shelly Beach is a renowned hang glider spot. We made our way up to the top of the hill where there is a lookout and an area for the hang gliders to launch. The same glider was still flying back and forward in front of us. I had always thought Hang gliders launched, floated for a bit then landed but this one would have been flying for more than half an hour. It looked so incredible that it almost made me wont to try it myself. Almost.



The beach area was breathtaking. No wonder the gliders would wont to fly over it.

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