Kulin has a big race meet once a year and the story goes that a farmer made a horse out of old drums to help advertise the race and placed it on the way to the racetrack as the racetrack is about 15k out of Kulin. The idea took off and now there is 28 km of highway with about 200 horses (mainly made out of old drums) along the way. As we were driving thought the town we noticed there was a free campsite right in the middle of the town. There is a dump point, toilets with hot showers. There is a timer on the showers; you just need to push a button to get a three-minute hot shower.   Oh! the luxury. The local council ask people to place their receipts from anything their buy in town in a tub. We could do that. Our receipts were $60 fuel $23 groceries. Not a lot I know but as we were only passing though, it is more that we were expecting to spend in the town.


The unusual thing for Kulin in that there is Caravans Park just a stone throws away from the free site. The local council runs the caravan park. At the moment the council is trialing a scheme that you pay the price you think the site is worth for the first week, if you stay longer then the council will set a price. We were told that this approach has increased the revenue for the caravan site. We were told you can get a discount if you offer to do up a tin horse, just ask at the council office. You get to pick the horse you would like to update or maybe you could make a new one.

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