Gorge Rock

After the second night in Kulin we drove up to Gorge Rock rest area. Gorge Rock is a small area. It is just out of Corrigin. We had a walk round the rock and read the history boards. Gorge Rock was a small community with a school, local hall, tennis court and telephone exchange. (The car park sits on a small area of the tennis court.) There is an area of the rock has been dammed making a swimming pool. The area was quite popular in its time. We walked up and over the rock and saw the swimming pool. It was a nice walk. Note to self, next time don’t wear shoes with socks. Grass seed are really hard to get out of socks.



At about 4 pm two cars arrived and out jumped a whole load of children. We thought great it will be a noisy night tonight but by about 9pm it was all quiet. They were gone first thing in the morning. We hummed and hared about staying another night but decided not to. Because we were so close to Corrigin we drove into the town to have a look.

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