Back at Kulin we found an unwelcome guest. Not sure where we picked it up from. The frightening thing for me was we have the chairs in the back of the car or beside out bed when we are traveling. I kept thinking the spider could have jumped off at any time and decided to meet me for a friendly chat. The thought makes my blood freeze. We let him escape into the bush.

kulin a2

We decided to treat ourselves to a night on the town. Ok there is really only one place to go to in Kulin, the local pub. We had a very nice meal and a chat to an Irish girl who was on a working visa and loving every moment of her time in Australia.

kulin b2

We left the next day after doing a little more shopping $32.90, filling up the car with fuel $61.00 and dropping both receipts along with the one for dinner $73.00 into the tub. It isn’t a lot but if Kulin didn’t have the free camping site we wouldn’t have stay and spent money in the town.


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