Lake Grace

Our next stop was going to be Dumbleyung. On our way there we stopped and had lunch at Lake Grace. The tourist information center is in an old house, which once was the home of the train stationmaster. It still had the old wood stove in the kitchen. I thought it was a lovely spot for the information center. It was like having a very quick visit to a small museum. While we were in the tourist center we made an appointment to see the old hospital. It isn’t really open as such, you make an appointment and someone will turn up to open it for you. We had to wait around until 2:30pm. It gave us some time to walk around the town and take a picture of the local pub. Why is that so important? It had a massive banner on it for Nat Fyfe. And for all you wondering whom Nat Fyfe is, firstly shame on you and secondly it doesn’t really surprise me. Nat is a football player who won the Brownlow medal. For all of us in WA and especially for the people of Lake Grace this is a big deal. It was nice to see Lake Grace flying the banner for one of their own.


lake grace


The mission hospital was very interesting. There is a little penny walk you can take leading to the hospital from the car park.


The story goes that when the new hospital opened up the staff locked the doors on the old one and never when backs to it. This left a wonderful array of items. You could spend as much time in the building as you would like. It is not a large hospital. The size of a two story 4 bed house with no bathroom, (that was outside.) Nurses lived upstairs and patients downstairs. Some of the people who open the hospital up for visitor use to work there so they have first hand stories. If you ever get to Lake Grace it is a must see.

lake grace 7


lake grace a

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