Busselton is a well know holiday place for most WA. It has a jetty which is 1.8 k long and more than 150y old. We have done the holiday bit and walked the jetty to the end and under. Busselton has an underwater Observatory. You can stand there for hours watching the fish swim in and out of the pylon and still see something knew.

We to treat ourselves and head to a van park. We liked the idea of being right in the middle of town but unfortunately the campground was full so we had to rethink. We ended up at a 7th Day Adventist campground about 7 k out of town.   We were lucky as the weather had turned and it looked like it was going to rain so several vans had left that day. The campground was small and old. There were trees everywhere and grass. The sea was just a hop step and jump away. We put the canoe in for a paddle. It was nice and calm for Adrian but when it was my turn the wind came up. Waves started to crash over the bow of the canoe. Ok a slight exaggeration I know but it does add something to the story.   Picture it; I am rowing for my life in a small canoe with the waves washing over me. The land so far away it can barely be seen thought the hazes of the wave. Will the ocean take my last breath away or will my last breath bring me to the shore and safety. In reality I could’ve jumped out of the canoe and walk to the shore, as the water was only waist deep. It did cross my mind as the wind was just strong enough to take me out to sea if I stopped paddling but where is the story in that.

Adrian tried his hand at some fishing and I tried to take some artistic photo. Adrian didn’t have any luck with his fishing and my photos……..well you will need to use you imagination.

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