Nannup, Blackwood River

We stayed two nights and then headed off to Nannup, with every electrical item we owned recharged, van batteries and water tanks were also full. Nannup is a quaint little town. It does have a history of flooding. Next to the river stands a marker tree with every flood level. The first year the bridge was built the flood came up over the bridge.

nan 3

We camped in a bush site beside the Blackwood River just out of the town. We had been here before and really enjoyed it. The site is just off the road. There is nothing here, but it has a lovely feel to the place. Last time we put the canoe in but this time harsh rains had washed away some of the bank of the river and the water was still running fast. We had heard someone had drowned canoeing on the river so the canoe stayed on the car. We went for a bike ride up the road and discovered blackberries growing wild. So back to the van to pick up a container and we headed out again. Unfortunately most of the blackberries were still unripe so slim pickings. We did scrape together enough for a feed although it left us with scratches up and down our arms and legs.

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