Then it was back to Norseman for a night and to stock up with food and water before hitting the longest straightest road in Australia.  nor

Norseman is smaller that I was expecting. As it is the last real town before the Nullarbor or the first one entering WA it was a small country town with one main street. The town is also the starting point for the Eyre Highway and the second richest goldfield in WA so you would think it would be a thriving town but no. In the 2006 census the town bosted just 857 people. We had a look at some of the for sale signs at the real estate office. The cheapest house price was $40,000 for a 3 bed 1 bathroom house. Ok the photo I am sure didn’t do the house justice but $40,000, spend a little to do it up and you have a great cheap place to live. I don’t know what I would do in the town but I did think about it.

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