Ceduna, Smoky Bay

We arrived at Ceduna for Easter; we did think we might have problems getting into some bush camps so we booked into a caravan park at Smoky Bay. $20 for a site, no power but water. Not having a powered site isn’t a problem but I do like to recharge everything and do our washing. (We don’t like to let the batteries get below 50% and we go through about 30% each day.) We calculated that if we are in a caravan park it is better to pay the extra and go for a powered site. That way we don’t have to pay to do our washing and we can use the power to cook with saving our gas but there wasn’t one. It was an interesting park. A garden shed had been divided and half was the laundry and the other half was a male toilet with out a lock. It was very basic but friendly.

We booked in for 4 days. Smoky Bay is a small tourist town. Not a lot there to start with and being Easter the shops were shut. (I did think it would be the busiest time being Easter and a holiday.) On the Saturday we drove back to Ceduna to do some shopping. We had a look round the town and out to the wharf. We also took the time to taste some of the local oysters. We had read about a little shack that sold the best oysters in the area. $10 for 12 fresh that morning. The man even told us where they had been caught not that it meant anything to us. We took our bounty to the top of the building and let the time pass us by. I would have to agree with what we had read and they were the best oysters I had ever tasted. Ok some of it may have been the fantastic view or the great company, maybe even just sitting and relaxing added to the flavor. What ever it was those oyster were dam nice with a little salt and pepper toped with lemon juice.


We spent our time in Smoky bay washing and cleaning the van. Boring I know. After the housework was done we did try our hand at fishing but no luck. On Sunday we drove to Streaky bay. We had heard of a bush camp just out of the town. We drove in to have a quick look and decided to come back on Monday.

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