Drystone Wall, Lake Hamilton Eating House

We only stayed the one night at Walker’s Rock and moved along the coast. We stopped to have a look at a Drystone wall. Drystone walling was used by early builders. It is where the rocks are fitted together so you don’t need mortar to hold the structure together. I had seen many fences using this method in England but this was the first time I had seen anything in Australia. The one we looked at is believed to have dated back to 1850. If you were a Drystone worker you were paid 10 Shillings per chain and if you were good you could build 2 chains of fencing a day. After our stop we started to notice the walls running thought paddocks.  I know the wall isn’t really important but it is a little of our history I didn’t know before. Now I am hoping for that one time I can bring it up in a conversation. “Oh did you know a drystone worker could build up to 2 chain of fence in a day. No! well I did, and they were paid 10 shillings a chain“ I am sure there will come a time when I can use the information.

dry wall

After the Drystone wall we stopped at Lake Hamilton Eating House. It was just an old house on the side of the road. There was only the 2 room so it didn’t take us long to look around. The house was built sometime between 1851 and 1857 and was used as an eating-house into the 1880’s. I was once told when I was in England by a South African of all people, that Australia wasn’t old enough to have a history.

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