Walker Rock

Our next stop was Walker Rock. It was $10 a night. Twice the price of Perlubie Bay, but here you had showers. They were cold and I didn’t see one person use them but they were there if you wanted to. The day we were there it was windy. As we took a walk along the beach we saw 2 windsurfers off in the distance. We watched them for a little while. It seemed to be the perfect weather for windsurfers. It looked like they were local as sitting on the shore waiting patiently for them to finish were two dogs. As we walked past the dogs they watched us. Then it was as if they had decided that we were having more fun than they were they decided to come with us for our walk. They both picked a new master and walked beside their chosen one or sometimes running ahead but always coming back to walk beside their new master. When we had finished out walk they when back to sitting and waiting.

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