Port Lincoln

We had been given the name of a bush camp in Port Lincoln by the people at Perlubie Bay. It wasn’t really a bush camp. The local caravan repair workshop had a large area behind the business. For $5 a night you can stay as long as you like if you are self-contained. There were some powered sites as well but they went very quickly.

We stayed longer than we thought we would as we had some air bag put into the back of the car to help with the suspension. While we were in Port Lincoln a cruse ship arrived so the place was filled with people. The locals had put on bus tours and some stores. I was disappointed with the stores, and what was offered; I would have thought there would have been a lot more. Especially stores offering some of the local foods. The tourist won’t spend their money if there is nothing to spend it on.

We took the time to see Mill Cottage. It was built in 1866 at a cost of 65 pounds for Joseph Bishop. The house stayed in the family until 1963 when the last family member died. There is so much history in the house with almost all items belonging to the family. As the items are openly displaced so we were not aloud to walk around the house on our own. We didn’t have to wait for a large ground. We thought that was a bonus as we could ask question and our guide picked items up to give us a better look.

While we were in Port Lincoln Adrian read on a caravan Facebook page about a farm job. We thought about whether to go for it. We decided to get more information about it first before making a decision. The farm was a farm stay so in exchange for some work you could stay on the farm for free. The farmer wanted someone in two weeks time to look after the farm while they went away for 3 days. There was someone staying there but they had to leave. We were told we could stay for any time we wanted to. The people who were there had been on the farm for 8 weeks already. We didn’t really want to work so early in our trip but then we didn’t know if we would get another opportunity. It was a heard decision to make. We finally said yes but as they didn’t need us yet we continued on.


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