Tumby Bay

We had a little problem finding the bush camp for Tumby Bay as it had been move further out of town. Not far only about a k. The cost was $7.50 a night but if you stayed for 2 you get 2 free. There is a dump point and you could get water there as well. Bargain, well maybe. We drove back to the town the next day to have a look round then drove on to the lookout. There was a large bird at the top of it. He was not impressed that we were invading his territory. The view was nice but nothing to write home about. Then it seemed we had seen all there was to see in Tumby Bay. We had read about Chocolate covered olives, yes you did read right Chocolate covered olives and Tumby Bay is the only place you can buy them as far as we know. The next day we went on a hunt to find some. We were told we could find some at the tourist information centre. When we arrived at the centre it were close. There was a large sign on the front door say they no longer sold the olives and to call the owner of the company. We made a call to have no one answered. We took a walk along the beach had a coffee and make our way back to the car when the phone rang. It was the owner of the company letting us know where we could buy the olives. We looked around to find the shop when we found ourselves right in the front of it. (Mind you, Tumby bay isn’t very large, I doubt you can’t really get lost.)

Now how do I describe the taste of a chocolate olives. Rich, smooth, although the taste of the olive was there it was subtlety dominated by the chocolate. A soft aftertaste would linger on your tongue. They didn’t last long. If I see them again would I buy them again? Defiantly yes. Yum.

That was 2 day down and we still had 2 more to go. We stayed another night and then headed off to Cowell

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