Dark Peak

We had been told about Dark Peak by fellow travelers. Not a lot was there, the only business is the local pub. Like a lot of the small country towns we have seen there is no life left in the town. The publican was trying to save his business by opening the back of the pub to caravans. It was $15 a night for power and water (good price) but if you had dinner at the pub you received the caravan site for free. Yes we did treat ourselves to a night out.

One claim to fame for Dark Peak is the locals built a make-shift pub on New Year’s Day in the early hours of the morning. After the Dark Peak pub had closed for the night the locals had not finished drinking, went home to get building items and met back together by 1.30 am. By the light of the day the pub was completed and they continue to drink. The pub still stands today. Is this where I say “Only in Australia?”

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