Kimba bush camp was lovely. Like most bush camps if it is in a town it is near the sport grounds. The area was large and fenced by shrubs in flower. The campgrounds were almost full when we arrived. We did expect that as the town itself was very busy with vans coming and going constantly. What surprised us was the camp had hot showers. Drop a dollar coin into the slot and you get 3 minutes of hot water. (Ok not as good as Kulin WA where you get your 3 minutes for free but great for a bush camp.) Adrian and I took two coins with us, as the showers were large individual bathrooms, we were going to share. I guess we are so used to being very quick with the water in the van as we only needed the one coin and I even had time to wash my hair. The site does ask for a donation and we were more than happy to donate.

We drove round the town and then out to the lookout. There are large sculptures of Edward John Eyre and Wylie. Edward Eyre is said to be the first English man to cross the continent from Sydney to Perth. Wylie was his guide.

Kimba isn’t really a large town but it has everything you would need. Its call to fame is it’s large Galah. Luck would have it the big Galah is right in front of a tourist shop. When we were there a tourist bus rocked up and everyone got out to have his or her photo taken with the big Galah then wondered into the shop for anything else they might need.

Kimba’s seconded call to fame is it ½ way between Perth and Sydney as the crow flies. We were half way across the country, for me that was a big deal.

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