Port Augusta

We spent 2 nights back at our favorite Port Augusta motorhome park. I was driving again and this time when we pulled into the site. A man came to tell me I had done a very good job of backing the van. Boy I must of impressed him as most men just stare at me if I am driving or backing. As with the woman before I just laughed and took it as a compliment. The first night, we started talking to fellow travelers. We found out a couple worked for Hema. (Hema is the GPS system we use.) They had a get together to talk about how the Hema people could improve the system.   After the get together, the group decided to go to the sports club for a snitzel dinner. It was $15 a head. It was really packed, which is always a good sign at how good the food is and it was good. For us it was nice to go out to dinner with company. It is one of those things when traveling in a van, while you talk to people at most stops you never really participate in any activity with them. Sadly it did make us miss our family and friends back in Perth. But at least we had our fat little birds that came calling again looking for a feed at our door.


port augusta bird

This time at Port Augusta we had to make up our mind on which way we were going to go. Do we continue on to the York Peninsula or head up the centre? I was happy to continue on but Adrian isn’t over fond of the cold so centre of Australia here we come.

Making the decision to go up the center gave us a problem. The tires on the van look to be the originals. That meant they were over 8 yeas old. While the tires still looked good we didn’t wont to risk our trip on road we didn’t know the conditions off with a blowout or worst, so we had a new set of tires put on the van before departing Port Augusta.

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