Kings Canyon

The plan was to go thought Kings Canyon on our way to Alice Springs. After spending 2 nights back in Curtin Springs with grey cloud overhead we set off. On our way we saw a fuel truck bogged beside the road. It looked like he had pulled over to have a break and down the truck went in the soft soil that went halfway up the wheel. We did look for a bush camp on our way but there was nothing near where we wanted to end up. We had to bite the bullet and go to the caravan park, $40 for unpowered and $50 for powered. We chose the powered site. With power we can recharge everything as well as do some washing. We can also have the fridge on power saving us gas and we can cook with power, again saving us money. When you are paying $50 a night every little bit helps.

Kings Canyon was amazing. They had rain 2 days before we arrived and there was water running thought the creeks at the base of the range. We took a guided tour with one of the local rangers. She had only been in the job for 2 months and she apologized for having notes for her talk. Her enthusiasm for the job came though as she spoke. We had to jump puddles and walk thought the creeks as part of the tour; it all just added to the fun.

king canyon 10

There is walk up and around the top of Kings Canyon. It takes between 3 to 4 hours. The rangers’ advice you start in the morning so to make sure you are not doing the last bit in the dark. Adrian was going to do the long walk the next day before we headed off. That night the rain came and came and came. We had left the awning out and in the morning there was a swimming pool sitting on the canvas. We were lucky the water hadn’t rip the canvas with it’s weight. We have one stretched awning now. The road through to Alice Springs was now closed because of the rain. We decided to pack up and get going before they closed the bitumen road we came in on. The creeks that was a mere trickle on our way in were now flowing rivers. Adrian had a lot of fun driving through them. It is a boy thing.

As we were leaving we laughed, it was a long and expensive trip for an hour’s walk. We are still pleased we made the journey. Kings Canyon was amazing. Yes I know I have already said that, for me it up there with the Grand Canyon. (Been there done that.) Ok the Grand Canyon it larger but for me Kings Canyon held more colour and life.


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