Devils Marbles

The Devils Marbles was a lot larger than I was expecting. I had seen the postcard photos of the two rocks sitting on another rock and I wasn’t expecting much more. What we saw when we arrived was acres of rocks, in different shapes and sizes some balancing, some just resting. We were told to get in early as the bush camp fills up quickly. We arrived at about 10 am and it was half full. We had thought people had been exaggerating but by midday the park looked full and they kept on coming and squeezing in between vans. By late afternoon bigger van were coming and going and smaller van or trailer were trying for any little spot they could squeeze into.


We walked around the marbles. We were surprised to see a wifi hot spot at the day park. We couldn’t get it to work and most people we asked couldn’t either. A bit disappointing. (When you are traveling you never turn down free wifi.)

The first recorded record of the Devils Marbles was in 1872 by a telegraph construction worker. We were impressed and we had an idea about what to expect, the site of all the rock must have been mind blowing for the worker.

The Marbles are till being shaped as time passes. Some of the Marbles have fine cracks in them and with time and rain the can break apart. It is interesting how clean cut the break can be as if divided by a knife.

When one rock sits on another it is called “Cottage Loaves.” Who thinks up these name?

We spent our 3 days walking around the marbles. There always seem to be something different to see in the stones. I took so many photos my camera was complaining about being over worked.

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