Wycliffe Well’s

We had been told that Wycliffe Well’s had the cheapest fuel. We had also been told that the service station was a hotspot for aliens. It wasn’t always like that. Wycliffe Well was once a market garden. It was started in 1937 and the garden in the middle of the outback, solved the problem of feeding the army which traveled the roads. The convoy of trucks would travel at speed of up to 40 ks and they had priority over other vehicles. Clearly driving in the convoy would have been a great job.

That is not the only unusual thing about Wycliffe Well. It is also the home of the desert crab. It lives in deep burrows in the dry season and can last a year without food. I could imagine the look of surprise on a tourist face after they had consumed a little too much at the bar, to walk out and see a crab. They would have thought they were seeing things.

But today Wycliffe Well is better known for the UFO sightings. We thought it was fun. I read some of the newspaper cuttings on the wall. I was almost temped to stay a night to see if I saw anything but one look at the caravan park with the razor wire put me off.


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