We pulled in at Larrimah for a look at the pink pub. There were some information signs which told us there was a railway yards and cottage, a bulk issue petrol and oil depot and siding as well as a repeater station museum and airfield and No 9 stores depot (Maybe the photos didn’t do the site justice.) All of this along a walking trail only four ks long. If you like the 4 k walk, there is an 8 k one to Birdum which was a historic former settlement. Not forgetting Larrimah was also the home of “45 Australian Camp Hospital.” The hospitals were established along the highway in 1952 and based 6 km from where the town now stands. Although it was a military hospital they treated everyone.

It did seem to be a lot to see but I was just after the Pink Panther Pub. It took me all of a minute and I had seen the pub. It is pink.

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