Kings Creek Stop

We pulled in to Kings Creek Stop at about 3 pm. It is a large parking area, I was expecting about 5 vans to already to be parked up and Adrian said about 10. We were both blown away when we saw about 30 and they kept on coming. Some of the large RV’s pulled in then pulled out again.

People kept coming way into the night. Adrian started to read “We of the Never Never” and it mentioned Kings Creek. For a roadside stop it is well equipped with toilets, dump point and purple rubbish bins. (Purple is my favored colour.)

As we sat and had breakfast we watched vans pull out and join the large number traveling on the road. The time was 8 o’clock. By the time we were ready to go, an hour latter, the park was almost empty. As we left we drove over King River. There was very little water in it. The name seems to suggest something a little more. Most of the rivers we have seen have been dry.

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