Robin Falls

We were heading to Litchfield and debating whether to have another stop before we arrived or to go strait there. Litchfield is another place you need to arrive early to make sure you get a spot. We decided to spend a night at Batchelor. I was driving and saw a sign saying “Scenic Drive” and thought what the heck and turned off the main road.   The view wasn’t very scenic. The country had been consumed by fire so all we saw was burnt out trees and blackened earth.


Adrian had a look on Wiki and found a bush camp to stay at instead of Batchelor. Robin Falls is a lovely little bush camp right on the river. It isn’t over large more suited to camper van or trailers than caravans. We pulled into a spot and then took about half an hour to slowly move the van back and forward to where we wanted it. Even though the camp was beside the river the area was dusty; rocks had been put across the road to slow down traffic. I like that idea.

We walked up to the falls. It was about half an hour over rock and no real pathway. The area hadn’t received any rain for a while so the falls didn’t have a strong flow of water but it was pretty non-the less. As we were sitting taking in the serenity of the area we saw a baby snake. Well I think it was a baby as it wasn’t very long, only about two feet. It was sun basking on some rocks, luckily for us it was on the other side of the water. The snake decided to take a swim and we kept our eye on him incase he was inclined to come out way. He chose to leave the water at the bottom of the waterfall. It took him several attempts, as he had to fight against the flow of water. He kept going away then coming back to the same spot. Finally he made it and left us.

As we were so close to the water we could hear the water as it made it’s way down the river. I though it was quite funny as it was only a little stream but the sound lulled us to sleep at night. I would have put the camp among the top stop to stay if it wasn’t for, you guested it the spiders. All along the river webs crossed the water.

Adrian took a paddle in the water. He had to sit down to get wet but it was refreshing. I paddled up to my ankles.

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