Wangi Falls Litchfield National Park

We knew it was going to be busy being school holidays. Coming from Robin Falls we arrived at 10 am. That is good for us as we are generally leaving about that time. We drove around the one-way system of the campgrounds and started to think we were out of luck when we saw an empty site. We tried to back in but the angle just wasn’t working for us. One of the other caravaners came over to us and told us to go the other way.  Ok, a quick look and we could see that would work. Why didn’t we think of that ourselves? As Adrian pulled the car out and took it to somewhere he could turn he saw another spot. We could fit into that one better.

The falls were a 5 minute walk from the campgrounds and are well set up for visitors; it even has a little café with free wifi. The falls were eye-catching and very busy. The water fell in two different drops. Most people were swimming out to the falls to stand as best as they could under the flowing water. Greatest shower ever. The water pressure massages any areas it hits and it hits hard. You came away tingling. I came back in the evening to take some photos. Amazing.

The first night as we were sitting outside our van some birds came to visit. Nothing unusual about that but this bird jumped everywhere and picked up rocks. Not just a little one, for a bird, a big one. The bird held them for a second or two before dropping them. Strange behavior. It continued this for about half an hour. It did make me wonder if it was doing a trick to get feed. I didn’t feed him and he didn’t come back the next night.

Adrian wanted to go to the Blyth Homestead. It is a 4WD track only, not that the road was overly rough but there are 2 river crossings, which could be a problem. We drove in to have a look just as another car was driving through the first river. Adrian had a look at the water and decided to give it a miss.



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