Tolmer Falls Litchfield

We did the walk to Tolmer Falls; there are 2 parts to the walk. A short one and designed for wheelchairs and the other one, a loop of 1.5k ending at the same spot. On the day we were there they work working on the wheelchair track so we had to take the long one. To start with I wasn’t very happy I would have to walk the long track but in the end it was lovely and I am pleased we did it.

As it is coming to the end of the dry season the falls wasn’t really flowing very heavily, but from the lookout were we stood the view was pretty spectacular. (You thought I was going to say amazing didn’t you. Ha ha, I did but then changed it.)

We had been told there was a cave near the fall that held a family of bats. We saw the bat cave but we didn’t see any of the inhabitants.


The Hibiscus Petherickii which is named after local pioneer Ray Petherick is only found in Litchfield National Park. We saw several along the track.

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