Cascades, Litchfield

On another day we took a walk to the Cascades. There is the Upper Cascades and the Lower Cascades. The lower ones were a little closer so we chose to walk to it. It was one of those walks where there is a track. In some part it was clear which way to go but for other bit it was up to you to decide. The track we walked lead us into tropic rain forest before leading us back to walk beside the river. Unfortunately there wasn’t much of a current and it reflected in the water as large areas of the water look stagnate.


Adrian was ahead of me making good progress. He stopped as he was crossing a river when he turned to make sure I was still following.

“What is taking you so long”

“I have just seen a croc.”

“No you haven’t”

“I am looking at it right now.”

Adrian started on his way back to me. “There better be a croc”

With camera to my eye “I am taking a photos of it right now.”

“I am going to be cross with you if I don’t see a croc.”

I pointed out the croc that I saw and for some reason he didn’t find it as funny as I did. Poor guy he is hanging out to see one.

The Cascades were wonderful. Not a long drop for the water but I guess if it was a longer drop then they would have be called falls instead of cascades. From the lower cascades we could see the upper one. (In the wet season it would be to wet to continue on to them from where we where.) We climbed through the rocks to get to the bottom of the upper cascades then over more rocks to get to the top. I wished we had brought some lunch with us, as it would have been nice to have a picnic beside the water.

On our way back Adrian stopped and waited for me to catch up with him. He was leaning against a palm tree as I reached him he hit the tree and said, “I still haven’t seen my croc yet.”



“Come this way”

“What for”

“Just come here, NOW”

Adrian took a step to me and I show him just inches above his head where he had been standing was the biggest meanest spider I have ever seen. The spider would have been bigger than my whole hand. The biggest one I have ever seen. That wasn’t the worst thing about the spider. The worst thing was his web ran across the track we had to take to get back to the car. “Adrian you go first.” Deep looks at each other. Adrian turned to do the masculine thing and by this time the spider had make his way up his web to the top of the tree and we could hardly seem him. As we continued, I searched every tree, leaf and branch for some of his relatives. If I heard a noise I was sure he was coming back for me. Ok ok it wasn’t that bad but I did keep a watch just incase and I was a little concerned I may meet another one.


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