Darwin’s Annual Show

We arrived in the capital of the top end at the right time as Darwin’s annual show was being held on the weekend. It had been many a long year that either Adrian or myself had been to a show. No I didn’t go on any of the rides but I did have a lot of fun.

There was a little mouse circus. I had never see one before and I think I was more impressed than some of the children. I also got a kick out of the animal nursery. We move on to the competition items. I loved the decorated gumboot and the scarecrows.

The colours of the birds in the aviary were mind blowing. (There were so many for photos I could have posted but I thought it would be over done.)

I had forgotten how much colour there was in sideshow alley. I like the young man spray panting hats to your design, something I hadn’t seen before either.


Another thing I hadn’t seen before was the chainsaw sculptor. We came and whent with him as it was a slow process. The end result was remarkable.

We ate lunch watching the horse show and then when to watch the pig racing and diving. It was the first time I had seen pig racing and diving (this day give me a lot of firsts). The pig racing was a lot of fun in a silly way.

The show was a fun filled day ever though I didn’t indulge with fairy floss (cotton candy). I can’t believe I didn’t think about it until we were driving away. I saw it being sold in so many places. Fairy floss is one of those things you just have to have when you go to the show and I missed it.

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