Markets, Darwin

The day continued as we went to the local markets. I love markets. The markets were set beside the Mindil beach. As we came from the show we arrived a little early. We took a walk down to the beach while the stores were being set up and watched the hermit crabs race about for a wile.

It is a good thing I live in a caravan, as there were so many things I would have purchased, but not having the room saved me, my husband lot of money. A nice thing about this market was the food stalls had small taste serves. We pick several different items, from 3 different stalls and then sat and watched Congo and Bongo. Adrian complained he would never get that half hour back again as Congo and Bongo really are for children before they go to school but I though it was fun. After the show had finished we all made our way down to the beach for the sunset. There weren’t many people on the beach when we arrived. Adrian and I took some selfies and he teased me about being a big kid. We didn’t really pay much interest in what was happening around us until someone bumped into me. We looked around the beach and realized the number of people had exploded. There were people as far as the eye could see. There would have been over 5,000 people easy and still more were coming.

We had all come to see one thing and it didn’t disappoint. The sunset was astonishing.



I tried to take that shot that will show me holding the sun but it didn’t work. I had to play with the photo to get some colour into it. dar-mar9

The fun wasn’t over when we went back to the markets the fire performers were just about to start their show. The performers had the audience captivated.

Boy what a day. I crawled into bed that night a happy tied girl.

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