Ammunition Stores Bunkers, Darwin

We took a look at the Ammunition stores bunkers. One of the bunkers has its doors open when a raid was happening and now has the bullet holes to prove it. It is open to the public with information boards. One of the boards tells the story of the “Naked Gun Risked all for Darwin.” One Wilbert Hudson who was an anti-aircraft gunner was having a shower when the first raid happened. He grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist and rushed out to man his post. He could not get enough height so called for his mate Tex. He rested the machine gun on Tex’s shoulder and opened fire again. Both men were in the thick of it as the bullets were so close as to throw up little puffs of dirt at their feet. They finally hit a dive-bomber. It was not until after the battle that Hudson looked down to find he had lost his towel. He was later awarded the Military Medal for Bravery (the first one issued to an Australian soldier.) His deed were later immortalized in a painting by Jeff Isaacs, named ‘The Naked Gun.’ Hudson made it thought the war and died in 2002 at the age of 82. There are so many horror story about the war it was amusing to read the story about Hudson. dar-bun6

It is important to keep safe even in a war.

We fell in love with Darwin and extended our stay by an extra two nights. There is so much more we could have done, so much more to see. We had decided not to go to one of the crocs shows, as we would be seeing crocs in the wild when we continued on to Kakadu. Darwin is another name to add to the list of definitely be back.

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